AfricaCom 2014 reappoints Networx PR

For the fourth year, Networx PR has been appointed by Informa Telecoms and Media Limited to publicise digital telecommunications, ICT and media conference and exhibition, AfricaCom 2014.
AfricaCom 2014 reappoints Networx PRTaking place at the Cape Town International Convention Centre (CTICC) between 11-13 November 2014, this will be the 17th year this event will be held in the mother city.

AfricaCom 2014 will focus on ‘enhancing digital communication in Africa’. Networx PR is tasked with informing the various markets and sectors with a view to encouraging exhibitor and delegate participation alike as well as continuing with its task of entrenching AfricaCom’s position as the premier networking event of its kind in Africa.

Telecom Namibia deploys Zhone services

In order to provide its customers with advanced voice and broadband services, Telecom Namibia (TN) will deploy Zhone’s MXK and several additional Zhone services.
Telecom Namibia deploys Zhone servicesTN, which currently serves more than 145,000 customers, is said to run the largest digital telecommunications network in Namibia. TN will use Zhone’s MXK solution to implement Active Fiber and Copper Access solutions to renovate and update its telecommunications infrastructure.

TN has launched a project to introduce Fiber-To-The-Home (FTTH) and Fiber-To-The-Building/Basement (FTTB) technologies into its network in order to offer innovative and cost effective broadband services to its residential and business customers in Namibia. The company turned to Zhone with hopes of providing fiber and copper-based access solutions to 150,000 lines over the next three years.

In addition to introducing new fiber solutions, TN aims to replace its existing voice and data systems by using Zhone’s MXK ubiquitous Access Solution, providing GPON, Active Ethernet in addition to ISDN BRI (Basic Rate Interface), to migrate all existing voice services into a nationwide IMS solution (IP Multimedia Subsystem). This allows seamless integration of mobile and fixed networks into the existing copper-based network.

The operator will also consolidate its mobile backhaul solutions and time-division multiplexing (TDM) Leased Lines over an MXK Access System, delivering advanced broadband performance.

The Revolution in Telecommunication Technology

There are several phones in market but people want a thin, durable and useful phone. The iPhone 4 has all that and more. So far, iPhone 4 is the best among other iPhones. The iPhone 4 comes in one color and that is black. The Apple logo appears in shiny silver. The iPhone 4 has a refreshed look. It has totally been somewhat redesigned compared to the previous iPhone 3GS. So, it is the biggest overhaul in design since the original iPhone. It comes in a 0.37 inches. So, it is a lot thinner than the iPhone 3GS. At the same time, it has a glass-like material in front with oleophobic coating. It tracks a lot of fingerprints. The oleophobic coating does help in repelling that. The phone is wrapped in a stainless steel brush band. The nostalgic look of the handset is good and has a very good weight to it. The best feature of iPhone 4 is its retinal display. In fact it is actually in LED backlit IPS display and has a resolution of 960 x 640 and supports for over 16 million colors. It provides a lot of pixels per square inch than the EVO. It also retains the same three and a half inch display screen as other iPhones. When comparing to the iPhone 3GS, it will clearly make out that the text in iPhone 4 is a lot more superior than it is on the iPhone 3GS. At the same time, it has a pretty good viewing angle even direct some it handles well. The oleophobic coating makes it look pristine all time take it out of pocket. Just like the high and smart phones have been checking of late, the iPhone 4 also packs a front-facing VGA camera. The iPhone 4 supports the Appleā€™s video chatting service called FaceTime. FaceTime utilizes both the front and the back camera show people what you see and what you look like. Below the touch screen, there is a usual home button which is surprisingly a lot more springing than the previous one that in 3GS. The same thing is applied to all the other buttons. The volume rocker is now separated and has also a vibrate switch. It has a 3.5 mm jack port and a small hole for the voice cancellation microphone. It has a dedicated power button. On the right side, it has a micro SIM card slot. At the bottom, it has speaker and also USB charger port. On the backside, it has 5-megapixel auto-focus camera with an LED flash. It has 1 GHz processor. It is quite responsible when navigate the home screen and quite easy to use in multitasking. Opening and running applications are quick and snappy. The web browsing on the iPhone 4 is simple, easy and sleek. It is not only for businessman but for children too. The iPhone 4 also serves as a nice portable gaming device. Gaming on the iPhone 4 is very very addictive. To recapitulate, it is a very well balanced device, easy to use, for all age groups and has a healthy echo system of applications. Published at:

Telecommunication- Different Forms of Communication

Summary: In Telecom engineering different forms of communication are developed, formed and repaired. Telecom engineering is also known by the name telecommunications engineering. Telecommunication is one of the most vital technologies of nowadays that has brought the world jointly and annulled the upshot of cosmic geographic distances to a great extent. Telecom Engineering was initiated as an engineering discipline within Electronics Engineering. However, these days it’s a focused field by itself that uses an amalgamation of diverse streams of engineering away from pure-play electronics. Telecommunication, at present, also uses an immense pact of Civil and Structural engineering, since it is an infrastructure concentrated industry. Telecom engineering depends a lot on things further than electronics. There are structures, on site and off site, which are required to house and mount telecom equipment. There is huge deal of correctness in construction wanted for equipments like Satellite Antennas and Waveguides, which calls for extremely dedicated skills in Civil engineering. For engineering Streams within the telecommunication Industry, It is sensible to understand the way within the telecommunication Industry, in which diverse faculties of engineering work together to make lengthy distant communication a breeze for all. Telecommunication Engineers handles the systems, T.V. satellite and Navigation etc. As the systems are quite new, there are bugs to deal with, and also has great chances to recover the network. The students of telecommunication engineering, as with other engineering obedience, study science and math, but the courses and labs highlight how to relate this awareness to industrial situations. By this realistic and practical approach, these engineers add technical skills that are both highly developed and wide-ranging. Some of the important ones are- Equipment engineering: Telecom equipment engineers are specialists in designing electronic circuits that comprise transmitters, receivers, repeaters, stage amplifiers and many such vital electronic building blocks of the telecom network. Network Design Engineers: Once the basic building blocks are available, it is the job of the network engineers to chalk out the top likely way to offer better telecom coverage to the area of service. Their function is to optimize the range of the network, and therefore, its input to the project cost, with the class of service that would be supplied through the network. More businesses and organizations have currently arisen with more activities that have facilitated our engineers to exert harder and get the finest job opportunities accessible anywhere in the market. An engineer expert in any field can hunt for online jobs and through diverse ways to gain the opportunity in less time instantly after his/her studies. Job portals and online websites can assist you if you have completed your studies in searching a superior job with superior package and facilities. You can facilitate best services on these job portals and can obtain most excellent search results in less time. Electrical engineering jobs are very much admired and popular today. It deals in the application of electricity and electromagnetism. Professionals in this field contract with anything connected to heavy electrical systems like motor control, control systems and transmission. Telecom Civil engineering: This stream of telecom engineering plays an important role, since it engage bringing the whole design of the telecom company into the actual world. Telecom civil engineering requires considering the shades and different aspects of construction as well as telecommunication. Published at:

VoIP: A New Telecommunication Mantra

What is VOIP? In the coming years, voice over internet protocol (VOIP) is going to dominate the communication world with its technological advantages. In fact, many communication companies have started using VOIP technology for their long distance calls. You may have used this service unknowingly since many companies use VOIP to route long distance calls through a circuit switch into an IP phone, and another IP phone at the other end receives calls for another local circuit switch. For a novice it is must to know what VOIP is and how it works. A device converts large amount of analogue signals to be compressed and transmitted, then uncompressed and delivered into digital data. It is cheaper then a traditional land phone, especially if you want extra facilities such as call forwarding and caller ID. How it works? VoIP is a unifying stand for treatment and supporting modified, intelligent, and strategic uses of voice communications. What makes it so effective is that it turns speech into digital data that can be stored, browsed, copied, combined with other data, and distributed to any device that connects to the Internet. VOIP has a few features that provide different technical modes such as Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Transfer, Repeat Dialing and Return Call. These features enable you to give the caller a busy signal, send the call directly to voicemail, and forward the call to a particular number. Soft phone is another distinguishing feature of VOIP service. It is specially developed software that installs the VOIP service into your computer. Others majors are: Analogue telephone adaptor: It is also called gateway and works with your already existing phone. You have to attach your phone to this device then this is connected to computer. Computer carries VOIP calls over internet. This system changes analogue signals of your phone into digital signals. Some time software is required to be installed on your computer before it is ready to be used. IP phone- this type of phone is different from traditional phone in a manner that it has an Ethernet connector instead of Jack connector. It allows you not to install any software as is required in ATA. Computer to computer: Easiest and cheapest way to use VOIP service. Usually even for long distance calls the only charge you pay is the monthly charge for your internet service. It only requires microphone, speakers, a sound card and a software. With VOIP’s technical advantages now, let us see a few problems that are still at its way. The biggest problem is VOIP exist in the form of digital phone and if your power goes out, you service get disconnected. Second, right now you cannot have an access to emergency service. Voice over IP calls often have a buzzing tone in the background and it has delay up to 400 milliseconds, means that users cannot hear each other with normal conversation flow. For better use of VoIP, you need to have a high-speed Internet connection; otherwise, you have to pay quite more than what you are currently paying. Published at:

Digital Camera Assessments – Canon PowerShot S90IS 10MP Digital Samsung Digital Cameras Troubles

It has an all-black black (matte) external casing, comprehensive with a pop-up flash on the major. I personally really feel that it is just one of the best wanting compact models in the market place. It arrives as no shock that it will take excellent photographs as well. Whether it is DSLR versions or compact cameras, Canon digital cameras frequently produce very higher good quality photos, with exact colors and great exposures. This very small small new product also comes with an array of characteristics of settings. Its controls of have a pretty easy lay out, creating it extremely person pleasant. On the back again, you will come across a spacious three-inch LCD show. The Canon PowerShot S90IS digital camera has a f/two. lens that captures twice as much light as a f/two.8 lens. This will allow for the creation of crisp photographs. It also has a 10MP picture sensor. Aside from a variety of scene modes to opt for from, this model also has a vast array of customized settings like exposure, shutter, coverage and ISO settings. At the time of composing, this product retails for around $429 just about every. Samsung digital digital camera is the very best option of quite a few expert photographers when it arrives to click on wonders. Intuitive interfaces, wise advice and automated capabilities in Samsung digicams support boost your internal photographer irrespective of any experience. The a variety of digital camera versions in Samsung supply you light pounds stage and shoot characteristic that delivers the image good quality in comparison to the DSLR cameras. Capture wonderful moments with the assistance of ideal portrait method and car scene recognition in Samsung digicams. Deal with detection, smile shutter, twin image stabilization and attractiveness shot are some other options that can be availed in the Samsung cameras. The Samsung NV3 digital camera arrives with 7.2 megapixels, five times the digital zoom and 3 times the optical zoom features. This digital camera product has a two and a fifty percent inch display screen great for viewing. Other shocking digital cameras offered by Samsung include GX-ten that has 10.two megapixels and S1050 that has ten.1 megapixels. Whilst these cameras have a bit more substantial bodies but they supply a good picture high quality. Samsung digital camera is designed with high resolution that facilitates you capture much less blurred and sharper pictures. Very good resolution is dependent on the number of megapixels presented in the camera. You also get big memory cards with Samsung cameras to retail outlet lots of photographs. The cameras not only provide people with internal memory but also give them further slot for memory card. Samsung digimax with the encounter detection element has the ability to memorize all around 20 faces and instantly adjusts the publicity and emphasis of the camera. The digital camera also enables you to uncover pictures in its good album as an alternative of viewing each and every picture. Digital digital camera has brought photography on fingertips with really uncomplicated and consumer friendly capabilities. You can locate Samsung digimax in each optical and digital zoom characteristic. The optical zoom in digital cameras gives you you the maximum zoom a lens can support at the greatest resolution. If your camera has the 4X zoom possibility, it indicates that you can zoom it up to 4 occasions the size of the picture with keeping the photograph good quality ideal. Published at:

Digital Camera Evaluations – Canon PowerShot S90IS 10MP Digital Samsung PL60 Digital Digital Camera – Capture Higher-Superior Images

It also has a 10MP image sensor. Aside from a assortment of scene modes to decide on from, this product also has a vast array of custom settings which includes publicity, shutter, coverage and ISO settings. At the time of composing, this design retails for all-around $429 each. Samsung digital camera is the best alternative of a lot of specialist photographers when it arrives to click on wonders. Intuitive interfaces, wise guidance and automated attributes in Samsung digicams assistance enhance your inner photographer irrespective of any experience. The a variety of digital digital camera designs in Samsung present you light bodyweight point and shoot feature that delivers the picture top quality in comparison to the DSLR cameras. Capture good moments with the enable of best portrait process and vehicle scene recognition in Samsung digicams. Deal with detection, smile shutter, twin image stabilization and elegance shot are some other options that can be availed in the Samsung cameras. The Samsung NV3 digital camera comes with seven.2 megapixels, five times the digital zoom and three instances the optical zoom attributes. This digital camera design has a two and a 50 percent inch screen suitable for viewing. Other surprising digital cameras provided by Samsung include GX-10 that has ten.two megapixels and S1050 that has 10.1 megapixels. Though these cameras have a bit more substantial bodies but they supply a good image superior. Samsung digital camera is developed with large resolution that aids you capture significantly less blurred and sharper pics. Beneficial resolution is dependent on the selection of megapixels presented in the digital camera. You also get big memory cards with Samsung cameras to shop loads of pictures. The cameras not only give people with internal memory but also give them supplemental slot for memory card. Samsung digimax with the experience detection function has the power to memorize close to 20 faces and automatically adjusts the coverage and focus of the digital camera. The digital camera also allows you to discover pics in its good album as a substitute of viewing each and every photograph. Digital camera has brought photography on fingertips with really quick and consumer pleasant attributes. You can come across Samsung digimax in both optical and digital zoom aspect. The optical zoom in digital cameras gives you you the greatest zoom a lens can support at the highest resolution. If your digital camera has the 4X zoom possibility, it signifies that you can zoom it up to four occasions the dimensions of the picture with keeping the image top quality excellent. Whilst Samsung cameras offer you you 2.five or three-inch LCD display, but they make guaranteed that these attributes do not consume your battery soon. These digicams are built in with rechargeable batteries, as these are each energy and price effective. Cost them previous to you set out for shooting, and you can have on capturing for very long hrs. Enjoy the rich expertise of photography with the innovative variety and assortment of Samsung Cameras. There are a several recorded Samsung digital cameras difficulties such as the batteries. The battery life on some cameras looks to be very limited. On most cameras, you could use the rechargeable batteries to prolong the lifestyle of the batteries. If you are taking hundreds of images, you want to have batteries that can last for longer than fifty or so pictures. Published at: